TachMatch Mounted on Firewall

TachMatch is a solution for making your tachometer work, when things just don't match up like they did at the factory.

Did you do an engine conversion? Maybe change the type of tachometer drive signal by installing a different ignition? Install an engine with more cylinders? You don't have to change your tachometer or instrument panel - you can install a TachMatch into your car, truck or boat.


How TachMatch Works...

Tach Input:

TachMatch accepts most standard tachometer inputs. If you have a standard coil and points ignition, connect TachMatch to your coil. If you are using an aftermarket system to control the coil, such as an MSD, TachMatch accepts its tachometer output signal. If you have a typical GM HEI ignition, the tachometer output signal drives TachMatch.

Cylinder Conversion:

If your tachometer is designed for a different number of cylinders than your engine, TachMatch can change the frequency appropriately to correctly drive your tachometer. Select from 1:1 (if your cylinder count does match), 8:6, 6:4, 6:8, 4:6, 4:8 or 8:4 ratios. TachMatch Model TM-01 shown.

Tach Drive Output:

TachMatch sends the corrected signal to your tachometer.

The TachMatch Model TM-02 is designed with computer-controlled internal circuitry housed in a plastic case, and uses a commercial-quality plug and connector. To help solve any installation problems, it includes diagnostic tools, such as a LED that indicates power and if it is being triggered, and a special test output that can ensure that it is connected properly to your tachometer.

The optional Vintage Tach Adapter allows the TachMatch to control some vintage tachs, such as Sun tachometers that use the EB/BW sender. More Vintage Tach Adapter Information

The optional TachMatch Amplifier Module provides a higher-voltage signal to your tachometer by amplfying the TachMatch output. This is necessary with some tachometers, usually ones that were originally driven straight from the coil terminal. More Tach Amplifier Information

Some tachometers (such as the early 70's Datsuns) use a current-driven tachometer instead of a voltage-driven tachometer. These types of tachometers can usually be identified by some loops of wire around the connections at the back of the tachometer. It takes additional drive current for these, which the TachMatch Model TM-01 provides. The Model TM-01 is housed in an aluminum enclosure and is potted internally to provide heat sinking and vibration protection. In other ways, works the same as the Model TM-02. For more detail about the Model TM-01, see the specifications and instruction manual.

While TachMatch has been designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, everything that you might try to mix and match can't be anticipated. So if you find that it doesn't work in your application, TachMatch comes with a money back guarantee (see warranty button below for details).

TachMatch is designed and made in the USA

TachMatch Purchase...

TachMatch can be purchased on-line.  Shipping is $6 to anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail.  Sales tax must be collected for sales within Washington State. See below for additional shipping charges for international shipments.


TachMatch Model TM-02



If you have a current-driven tach (see discussion above), you will need the TachMatch TM-01.

TachMatch Model TM-01



Accessories and Options...

The Vintage Tach Adapter can be used in conjunction with either TachMatch. There are no additional shipping charges beyond those of the TachMatch. It is only available with purchase of a TachMatch. Vintage Adapter


Vintage Tach Adapter Model VT-01


The TachMatch Amplifier Module can be used in conjunction with either version of the TachMatch. There are no additional shipping charges beyond those of the TachMatch. It is only available with purchase of a TachMatch.

TachMatch Amplifier


TachMatch Amplifier Module TMA-01


Additional Shipping to Canada $14.50

Additional Shipping to Australia/UK/Europe $19.00